What To Look For In A Real Estate Photographer

Most relevant

Repeat after us: “I will not take photos on my phone, I will not take photos on my phone, I will not take photos on my phone.” Hiring a professional real estate photographer will cost you but you investing in quality digital marketing will more likely get your home to SOLD.

Hire a veteran architectural photographer

There’s plenty of great rphotographers out there but not all them specialize in taking shots of real estate. A real estate photographer knows to get both daytime and twilight shots of the listing, knows to get shots of every room of the home and knows to give you hi-res photos of your digital and print marketing.

Look at examples of their work before writing the check

You want to know what you’re getting before you pay for it, right? Most real estate photographers will showcase their work in an online portfolio. Browse through it to see if you like their style and the way they portray listings.

Interview your potential candidate in person

Meeting to discuss any sort of collaboration is very important–someone could sound like the greatest candidate in the world over the phone or email but in person they could be totally different. Don’t get catfished! Meet briefly with the real estate photographer to discuss your expectations and what they can deliver to your online marketing is integral to having a successful listing marketing campaign.

Get a recommendation from a real estate agent peer you trust

If you like this agent’s work, you’ll probably like their taste in real estate photography. Ask to see examples of photographers they’ve used in the past, ask them what their experience with that photographer was like, ask, ask, ask!

Consider whether or not you’ll use this photographer for future listing

If you’re not happy with their work at the end of the process, don’t use them again! There’s plenty of other real estate photographers in the sea that can help you out with your digital marketing!